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Daughter Could Be ‘Scarred For Life’ After Using Banana Boat Children’s Suntan Cream

Sun Cream Recalled In America And Canada


Product liability lawyers at Irwin Mitchell call for greater transparency over product recalls amid reports that an eight-year-old girl was left with severe scarring to her legs after using Banana Boat Kids Ultramist Spray Sun Lotion SPF 50.

Mother Louise Nickles, 28, took her daughter Olivia on holiday to Mexico where she applied the Banana Boat Sun Lotion. She states that it left Olivia’s legs looking like ‘they had been sprayed with acid’, and quickly washed the lotion off. Unfortunately doctors believe that Olivia could be scarred for life.

The children’s sun lotion used by Olivia, Banana Boat’s Kids Ultramist, was recalled in America and Canada in 2012 amidst reports that the product was inflammable.

The product is still available to buy in the UK.

Since coming home, Olivia has been prescribed moisturising and steroid creams, but wears leggings under her school skirt for fear of being stared at.

Louise bought the brand in a local shop on holiday but having seen it in the UK, “trusted the brand enough to use it on my daughter.”

The day they arrived back from Mexico, Louise made an official complaint to Banana Boat and received a reply five days later stating that it was a North American company and suggested she complain to Edgewell Personal Care in the UK.

A spokesperson for Banana Boat said: “We stand behind the quality and performance of our products.

“Consumers can rest assured that all Banana Boat sun care products, including Banana Boat Kids Tear-Free Sting-Free SPF 50 lotion, are formulated to be safe and effective when used as directed by the product label.”

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Tim Annett, product liability expert at Irwin Mitchell, said:

Expert Opinion
“I come across a lot of cases where products have actually done the opposite of what they were intended to do. You would not expect a product designed to protect a child’s skin to cause injuries such as those suffered by Olivia.

“Cases like this highlight the need for greater transparency about product recalls, as well as consistency. It’s highly concerning that this product has been recalled in other countries but not in the UK, and the reasons for this need to be investigated. Whilst Banana Boat is standing by the quality of their product, consumers need to be reassured that the product is safe especially in light of the recalls in America and Canada.”

“If a product has been recalled in other countries, there should be a better system for reviewing the safety of that product and deciding whether it should continue to be marketed in the UK. In situations like this one, we would call for products to be taken off the shelves whilst any necessary investigations are carried out, in order to put the consumer’s welfare first.”
Tim Annett, Partner

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