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Zimmer Biomet issues Urgent Recall on A.L.P.S Foot Fixation Screws

Lawyers At Irwin Mitchell Urge Those At Risk To Seek Specialist Medical Attention


Product liability experts have advised patients who have experienced complications after treatment with the Zimmer Biomet A.L.P.S. fracture system to seek legal advice after the manufacturer issued an urgent recall of the 4.0mm Cancellous Locking Screws used in the system. 

The recall issued by Zimmer Biomet states that an internal investigation has identified that all lots of the screws issued between June 2008 and June 2015 have a single lead thread rather than a triple lead thread. The recall notice states that the single lead thread screw may sit proud of the plate, which can cause tissue irritation and cause the screw to back out. Where the screw backs out, revision surgery may be necessary to correct the problem. 

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Mathew Newbould, a solicitor and product liability expert at law firm Irwin Mitchell said:

Expert Opinion
“Irwin Mitchell receives a lot of enquiries regarding fracture plates, with many patients complaining that the plate has snapped, or that screws have come out. This can lead to some very serious consequences, associated with the removal and replacement of the device, as well as the fact that the fracture may not heal properly without the proper support from the fixation plates.

“In some cases, the failure of the device might be an unavoidable consequence of a difficult healing process, but the Zimmer Biomet recall suggests a possible alternative in some cases. If the problems identified in the recall notice mean that the surgeon cannot properly fix the screws in position, then the manufacturer may be liable for any injuries caused.

“The recall notice seems to suggest that this product has been supplied with potentially defective screws for the last seven years. This is concerning and understandably those affected will want to understand why these medical products were not designed or manufactured correctly.

“It is vital a thorough investigation in to the design and manufacturing process of these devices is conducted and that any failings identified in the process are rectified quickly. It is important reassurances are made to patients that these issues are being resolved.

“We would recommend that patients who have received treatment with this product and are suffering problems to seek medical attention at the earliest possible instance to ensure any necessary treatment can be provided.”
Matthew Newbould, Solicitor

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