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Two Families Appeal For Information Regarding Asbestos-Related Deaths

Specialist Asbestos Lawyers Launch Investigation On Behalf Of Families


The families of two former steel workers from Sheffield who died of an asbestos-related cancer are appealing for their former colleagues to come forward and help support their search for answers regarding the men’s exposure to asbestos.

Basil Laycock died aged 81 in January 2015 from mesothelioma, a terminal cancer of the lining of the lung, caused by exposure to asbestos dust decades ago.

Keith Guite died aged 81, in April 2013, from the same disease and both of their families have now instructed specialist industrial illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help them establish what protection Basil and Keith received when working at British Steel’s Stocksbridge Works (known as Samuel Fox’s) and how they were exposed to asbestos.

Basil worked for the company for 41 years and Keith from more than 36 years; both were employed in the number three melting shop.

As part of their enquiries, the lawyers are now appealing to the victims’ former work colleagues to come forward with information about the presence of asbestos at the Stockbridge site and the warnings provided to staff on the risks of the hazardous substance.

Expert lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are keen to hear from anyone who worked with both men at the Sheffield-based steel factory, Stocksbridge Works British Steel, from the 1940s until the 1980s.

Laura Haigh, an industrial disease expert at law firm Irwin Mitchell representing Basil’s daughter and Keith’s widow, said: “Mesothelioma is an aggressive, incurable and ultimately terminal condition, which often does not reveal itself until several decades after the person is exposed to asbestos.

“We would urge anyone who worked with Basil and Keith at Stocksbridge Works British Steel, in both no 2 and no 3 melting shops, to get in touch with us, as they might be able to provide vital information that may assist with our investigations so that we can achieve justice for his family.”

Basil’s daughter, Gillian Sharpe, 50, from Sandygate, Sheffield, said: “My dad loved life and his death has really hit the family hard.

“It was awful watching him deteriorate so quickly and now, as a family, we need to know how he came to develop this terrible condition. It’s not fair that this has happened to my dad, our family and Keith’s family.

“Hopefully, those who worked alongside my Dad and Keith at the Stocksbridge Works will remember them and come forward with the information we need to help us understand why their deaths occurred.”

Keith’s wife, Carol Guite, 75, said: “Keith and I were married for 51 years, and the manner of his death was devastating to watch for myself, and our three children.

“Keith and Basil’s deaths raise many unanswered questions and I sincerely hope answers will be forthcoming.”

Anyone with any information about the working conditions at Sheffield-based steel factory, Stocksbridge Works British Steel, from the 1940s until the 1980s should contact Laura Haigh at Irwin Mitchell on 0370 1500 100 or email Laura.Haigh@IrwinMitchell.com.  

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