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Review Of Leicestershire's Most Dangerous Roads Needed

Irwin Mitchell running #SaferJourneys campaign to improve driving in the winter


Oliver Wicks, Press Officer | 0114 274 4649

Figures highlighting the ten most dangerous roads and junctions in Leicestershire show a high number of accidents and therefore a further review is needed to improve safety according to experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell.

A total of 179 accidents, of which 253 people suffered injuries, took place on the ten most accident prone roads and junctions from January 2010 to the end of 2014.

Leicestershire County Council reviewed all of the roads in the county, apart from motorways and trunk roads, as these do not fall under the jurisdiction of the county council.

Narborough Road South roundabout junction with Fosse Park Avenue was named as the most dangerous, with 31 accidents occurring over that period.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "The safety of people using the 2,575 miles of roads across Leicestershire is a key priority for us and we have introduced a number of measures across the county to reduce the number of accidents on our roads.

Irwin Mitchell launched the #SaferJourneys campaign after witnessing an increase in road traffic collisions during the winter months and want road users to remember the importance of being vigilant on the roads when the dark nights draw in and the weather conditions deteriorate.

The firm specialise in helping seriously injured victims of road traffic collisions gain justice and support to aid their recovery.

Serious injury expert Joanne Witherington has called the figures a “wake up call” and urged the council and drivers to do all they can to make these roads safer.

Expert Opinion
“These figures still show a high number of accidents and casualties on Leicestershire’s roads with junctions and roundabouts the most dangerous place for incidents to occur.

“It is positive to hear that Leicestershire Country Council have acknowledged the importance of improving road safety and have already committed time and money to doing this; but these figures are a wake-up call and more needs to be done.

“The council must prioritise working with road users and road safety organisations to understand why these accidents are so frequent and consider whether speed limits, new lights, lanes, cameras or a range of other measures are needed to tackle the problem.

By revealing the most dangerous roads in the county they are acknowledging that improving safety is a priority in these places and everyone has a responsibility to ensure this happens.

“We regularly witness the life changing impact that a road accident can cause which is why we’ve launched our #SaferJourneys campaign to reinforce how serious a lack of care or concentration can be. Those who do survive serious accidents often suffer life changing injuries and have to go through years of rehabilitation to try and rebuild their lives.

“Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers must all play their part by taking extra care during the winter and staying off the roads if the weather conditions change for the worst and it’s no longer safe to be out there.”
Joanne Witherington, Associate Solicitor

Irwin Mitchell recently released a driving survey which revealed that many drivers are not taking the appropriate precautions in bad weather and are therefore potentially putting fellow road users and pedestrians at risk of injury.

More on the SaferJourneys campaign and recent driving survey can be found here.