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Man Seriously Injured While Working On Disney Cruise Ship Takes Legal Action

Expert International Personal Injury Lawyers Investigating Injury On Board Disney Wonder Cruise Ship


The head of security on board the “Disney Wonder” cruise ship who suffered severe back and hip injuries when a metal cage containing luggage struck him has instructed specialist travel lawyers to investigate the incident as he seeks support for his rehabilitation and recovery programme.

Nicholas Wilson, 60, was assisting colleagues to load luggage onto the ship when it was docked in Miami on 2 May 2014 when a metal cage containing passengers’ luggage came loose and rolled down a ramp, striking him and crushing him against a metal pole.

He suffered pain in his back and was taken to the doctor on board the ship, who advised that he visit his GP when he returned to the UK.

As the pain continued during the voyage and spread to his hips and groin, he underwent an MRI scan on his back when the ship docked in Alaska. A second MRI scan in July 2015 in the UK revealed a tear in the labrum of the right hip, which protects the socket and enables ease of movement.

Nicholas, from Widnes, continues to suffer with severe pain and has, to date, been forced to take six months off work as he is unable to perform his duties due to the pain he is suffering.

He continues to have problems with both of his hips and he has been informed by doctors that he may have to undergo a double hip replacement in the next three to five years.

Nicholas has now instructed expert international personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the incident, and, with the help of US lawyers, hope to help him access funds to cover the help and support he needs, as well as enabling him to undergo a double hip replacement and the necessary rehabilitation.

Lesley Edwards, an expert international personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing Nicholas, said:

Expert Opinion
“This was a terrible incident that left Nicholas with serious, life-changing injuries, which will more than likely require surgery in the near future.

“Nicholas has been unable to return to work since the incident and his life has been turned upside down.

“We have begun our own investigations into the circumstances surrounding this incident on board the Disney Wonder cruise ship and hope that we will be able to help secure Nicholas funds that will fully compensate him for what he has been through and help him recover from his injuries and get his life back on track.”
Lesley Edwards, Senior Associate

Nicholas said: “I enjoyed my job as head of security on the ship. Unfortunately, on that day, helping load luggage onto the ship resulted in me suffering terrible injuries, which I’m still dealing with over 18 months down the line.

“The injuries I suffered have had a huge impact on my life, in both the short and longer-term. I have not been able to return to work since August 2015 and I still deal with pain on a daily basis.

“I have also been informed I’m now going to need a double hip replacement before I’m 65. I’m trying to put this off for as long as possible as I have been told replacement hip joints have a 15-20 year lifespan.

“The injuries have also impacted my day-to-day life and I can no longer do a lot of everyday things I used to take for granted.

“I hope that by taking legal action I will be able to find out exactly what caused the incident so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else, but also to make sure that I receive the financial compensation that I am entitled to including funds for any surgery and rehabilitation that I will need.”

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