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Investigation Into Theme Park After Visitors Fall Ill With Suspected Gastric Infection

Public Health England investigating source of the outbreak at Twinlakes theme park in Leicestershire


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

An investigation has been launched into a theme park in Leicestershire after a number of visitors fell ill with a suspected gastric infection 

Public Health England (PHE) said a number of visitors to Twinlakes theme park, near Melton, had suffered from the symptoms of Cryptosporidiosis, an infection that causes severe diarrhoea amongst other symptoms, and which can be caught from handling animals, especially newborn lambs.

The health organisation is investigating the source of the outbreak and has offered health advice to both those affected and to Twinlakes to help limit the spread of the illness.

Expert Opinion
“It is important that local authorities determine the source of this type of illness as soon as possible, especially when it emerges within an environment frequented by large numbers of people, in particular children, who are often more vulnerable to such illnesses than healthy adults.

“We are regularly contacted by people who have had their trips or holidays ruined by outbreaks of illness which could have been avoided had the correct processes and hygiene standards been in place.

“I hope that any investigation into Twinlakes theme park is completed in a timely manner and that any findings which emerge are taken on board by those working with farm animals at public events, so that the chances of other visitors contracting Cryptosporidiosis in the future are reduced.”
Amandeep Dhillon, Partner

PHE said there were fewer than 20 cases linked to the Twinlakes so far but that it was working with the petting farm at the park, as well as the East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group, the Health and Safety Executive and Melton Borough Council.

Children with the illness should be kept away from other youngsters until 24 hours after they stop being ill.

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