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Cosmetic Surgery Experts Provide Guide For Brits Considering Procedures Abroad

Figures Show An Increase In Complaints About Cosmetic Operations Overseas


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With the holiday season fast approaching, cosmetic surgery experts from national law firm Irwin Mitchell have released their top 10 tips on safe surgery abroad, after new figures reveal a huge popularity surge with people choosing to go abroad for procedures.

According to WhatClinic.com, there has been a 109% increase in procedures carried out abroad in the past two years, which can be attributed to a combination of cheap flights and online offers for ‘surgery holidays’.

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes, an Irwin Mitchell solicitor who specialises in dealing with claims on behalf of people who undergo cosmetic surgery abroad, has seen a large increase in enquiries from people who believe they have suffered negligent cosmetic procedures abroad.

“I have first-hand experience in dealing with complaints of negligent cosmetic procedures abroad and the results can be particularly traumatic,” said Cheryl. “We have had numerous cases where there have been translation errors, no aftercare, and lack of insurance to pay for compensation when the surgery has gone wrong.

“Although having surgery abroad can be a tempting cheaper alternative, we must stress the importance and worth of your health. These top 10 tips aim to outline the pitfalls and to help potential patients be more aware of the implications of surgery abroad to reduce the risks of something going wrong.”

The surge in people travelling abroad for procedures, including complex surgery, has caused concern among specialist cosmetic surgery lawyers at Irwin Mitchell after it was also revealed that 60% of surgeons reported a 25-35% increase in the number of those seeking correctional surgery or help after treatment in another country.

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes added: “A combination of cheap flights and online offers for ‘surgery holidays’ at a fraction of the price of treatments offered in the UK means more people are being tempted to go abroad. Our own research has also revealed that four in 10 Brits under 25 have already considered cosmetic surgery. We hope that our top 10 tips will help to improve safety in the industry.”

Irwin Mitchell’s Specialist Cosmetic Surgery team’s top 10 tips for undergoing procedures abroad:

1. Research the procedure so you know what is involved and whether it is right for you

2. Research the clinic and practitioner to ensure that they are properly qualified for the specific procedure you want, and meet the practitioner who is going to perform your procedure beforehand

3. Ensure the practitioner and the clinic have adequate insurance to perform the procedure, and request details of those insurers

4. Ask what aftercare will be included with your trip abroad and ensure that your practitioner will be available to deal with any post-operative complications or queries

5. Do not be tempted to select your practitioner because they are cheap – your health is worth more than that

6. Ask about risks and complications

7. Ask about down time after the procedure and when you might be able to travel home

8. Consult your GP to get a second opinion

9. Have realistic expectations about what the procedure can achieve

10. Complain if you are dis-satisfied with the result, a good practitioner will do their best to put things right

As well as the top 10 tips, Irwin Mitchell has also launched the Beauty Tracker app in conjunction with organisation - Safety In Beauty. The app aims to improve safety in the industry and allows patients to keep a log of beauty treatments, review procedures, and get expert advice if a cosmetic treatment goes wrong. The app can be downloaded for free on the iTunes store.

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes will outline the implications of surgery abroad as a guest speaker at the annual Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show in London on 14th-15th May at Olympia London. Cheryl will be speaking at the event on both days, alongside Irwin Mitchell’s G20 stand, which will provide further expert advice on cosmetic procedures.

Furthermore, Irwin Mitchell cosmetic clinical negligence expert Mandy Luckman will be presenting The Safety In Beauty Diamond Awards, which is hosted at The White Party London on 2 July 2016.

(Source – Irwin Mitchell Cosmetic Surgery Survey 2015)

If you have been affected by negligent cosmetic surgery you might be entitled to claim compensation. See our Cosmetic Surgery Compensation page for more information.

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