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Road Condition Concerns ‘Must Be Acted Upon’

RAC Research Reveals Motorists Believe State Of Routes Is Deteriorating


Specialist lawyers acting for people injured in road traffic collisions have urged that action is taken to address concerns regarding the condition of many routes, after research revealed it is a major issue for many drivers.

According to RAC’s 2015 Report on Motoring, one in 10 motorists described road condition as a primary concern, with another 20 per cent stating it is one of their four main issues.

Half of those polled also stated they felt the state of roads in their areas had declined in the past year, with many putting this down to potholes and surface damage.

Responding to the report, the Local Government Association said councils had to prioritise their budgets and suggested long-term improvements were not always affordable.

Specialist legal experts at Irwin Mitchell have vast experience in helping people who have suffered injuries in road traffic collisions across the UK to gain justice and also access to vital financial support to aid their recovery.

Expert Opinion
“Accidents on the roads have a devastating effect on so many lives, with such incidents leading families to lose loved ones and in other cases leaving people with severe injuries which can affect them for the rest of their lives.

“While it could be argued that much of the responsibility for safety rests with those using routes, it is also vitally importancet that steps are taken to ensure that the roads themselves are fit for purpose.

“Sadly there are numerous instances where a failure to maintain routes has led to serious accidents, whether it is surface damage causing tyre blowouts, motorists swerving to avoid potholes or cyclists being injured after hitting large potholes.

“The consequences of such incidents cannot be underestimated and it is vital that local authorities do what they can to ensure that routes are maintained to an adequate and ultimately safe standard.”
Glen Edney, Partner