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Couple Ask Lawyers To Help Them Seek Answers Regarding Montenegro Holiday Illness

Experts Launch Investigation Into Ordeal Which Ruined Pair’s Week-Long Break


A retired couple, whose luxury stay at a holiday resort in Montenegro in May 2015 was ruined by illness, have contacted specialist international travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the problems they experienced.

Stephen and Marina Elster, both from Flintshire, in Clwyd, fell ill with symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach cramps just days into their week-long stay at the Iberostar Bellevue hotel in the Budva-Becici area of the country, in May 2015.

Stephen told lawyers that during their stay at the four-star hotel in Budva-Becici, he had suspicions that the food served in the restaurant was being reused in meals later during the day such as vegetable dishes and meat stews.

He also reported to lawyers that on one occasion he saw the same utensils being used for hot food, also being used for the cold food, and that the food served on most occasions was lukewarm or undercooked, giving examples such as the potatoes, pizza, scrambled eggs, mackerel and sausage meat.

As well as impacting upon their holiday, the illnesses suffered continued to affect the couple on their return to the UK, with Stephen suffering with fatigue, diarrhoea and loss of appetite.

Over a month on from the break, the couple have revealed how they are desperate for answers regarding their illnesses and have contacted Irwin Mitchell’s specialist travel lawyers, who have vast experience in this area having helped thousands of victims of holiday illness, both internationally and in the UK, to investigate the issues they have experienced.

A retired company director, Stephen, 64, fell ill on the third day of his holiday at the Iberostar Bellevue where he was holidaying with wife Marina. Marina also went onto develop symptoms of illness two days later.

Expert Opinion
“The illnesses which Stephen and Marina suffered are worryingly not uncommon. We see many cases in which holidays are ruined by illness, with victims continuing to suffer with symptoms upon their return home.

“The seriousness of such issues suffered by holidaymakers should not be downplayed, as we often see holidaymakers’ illnesses develop into long-term health problems.

“We are now commencing our own investigations into the issues that Stephen and Marina faced and are determined to help them gain answers regarding the issues they experienced. We are keen to hear from anyone else affected, who may be able to help us by providing further information regarding the problems holidaymakers faced at the hotel, and the circumstances giving rise to them.”
Jennifer Mullins, Solicitor

Stephen recalls: “The illness really took its toll on us and ruined our holiday.

“It was just a nightmare; the standards were not what I had expected. I was shocked when a waiter on two occasions touched my food with the back of their hand, after I had expressed concern to them that the food was lukewarm. They did not use a temperature thermometer to test it as I would have expected them to.

“We’re just really frustrated that we saved to pay for this holiday and it was a complete disaster. All we want to know is how we came to fall ill and whether steps can be taken to stop other holidaymakers facing the same problems that we did.”

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