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Brighton Parents Support World Cerebral Palsy Day

Irwin Mitchell Partners With National Charity To Raise Awareness


The parents of a young boy from Brighton who developed cerebral palsy following complications during his birth are supporting World CP Day, which takes place this year on 7th October, to raise awareness of the condition.

Mac Giggs, from Rottingdean, in Brighton, has four-limbed athetoid cerebral palsy due the injury he sustained at his birth. Expert medical evidence found that if he had been delivered 11 minutes earlier by the midwives, he would have not suffered a brain injury, but instead he will be entirely dependent on others for the rest of his life.

His parents Valerie and Darren instructed medical lawyers at Irwin Mitchell who specialise in cerebral palsy claims, to help them obtain answers as to what happened and to secure funds for the lifetime care, support and rehabilitation he will need.

Two years ago the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust responsible for his injuries admitted failings and apologised to the family. Interim settlement payments allowed the family to access specialist rehabilitation until Mac’s case is reviewed in November 2015 when he is five-and-a-half years old and his lifelong care needs can be fully assessed.

Mac has had the benefit of a large interim payment and this has funded a move to more suitable rented accommodation with his parents, a team of carers, a team of therapists, specialist equipment and a wheelchair adapted vehicle.

The five-year-old is orally fed but has a gastrostomy for additional fluids. Mac is entirely dependent on others. Mac can roll and can use his hands to operate an Ipad and switches. He is learning to drive a powered wheelchair and use eye gaze technology. Mac is doing well at Chailey Heritage Special School and his family hope he will be able to transfer to mainstream school when he is older and with support. 

His mum Valerie said: “Mac’s cerebral palsy affects all his limbs making movement very difficult, but with the therapies and specialist equipment he continues to amaze us with the steps he has taken – he is truly an inspiration.

“We are really happy to work with Irwin Mitchell to raise awareness about World CP Day and also help produce a video documentary series which we hope will inspire other families and also show what help and support is available for children with disabilities. It’s not an easy situation to deal with, but there is assistance out there which has a massive positive impact on not just Mac’s life but ours too – and we wanted to share that with others.”

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood and is also one of the least understood. Irwin Mitchell has partnered with CP charity Brainwave to create an online resource to raise awareness of the challenges of living with cerebral palsy.

Visit http://www.irwinmitchell.com/living-with-cerebral-palsy for more information.

If medical errors during birth caused your child’s cerebral palsy, our expert solicitors could help you claim compensation. Visit out Cerebral Palsy Claims page for more information or call or free on 0808 163 4557.

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