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Five-Star Egyptian Holiday Ruined When Woman Collapsed After Contracting Salmonella

Irwin Mitchell Instructed By Couple To Investigate The Cause Of Illness


Specialist travel lawyers at national law firm Irwin Mitchell have been instructed to investigate conditions at the Palm Royale Abu Soma Resort in Egypt, after a guest fell seriously ill and doctors warned her health could have deteriorated rapidly on the flight home had her symptoms not been treated.

Ann Hallas and her husband Lee, from Mareham-le-Fen in Lincolnshire, had travelled to the luxury five-star hotel in September this year for a well-earned break, however their holiday was ruined after Ann suffered salmonella poisoning and typhoid fever.

After she collapsed at the resort and temporarily lost consciousness, the hotel doctor brought Ann round before advising her to go straight to hospital due to her low blood pressure. However, on the way to the hospital Lee was advised by the Thomas Cook Rep to take Ann to see the doctor in the airport to ensure they didn’t miss their flight.

Once at the airport Ann collapsed for a second time and was at this point rushed to the Aseel Medical Care Hospital where she was admitted for two nights.

When Ann woke up in hospital the doctors confirmed that she was suffering from typhoid fever and two strains of salmonella poisoning. Ann went on to spend the next two days suffering from dehydration, diarrhoea and vomiting before she was discharged and able to fly home.   

Ann had begun to feel unwell towards the end of the second week of her trip. The couple had concerns about hygiene levels at the resort, including that the food on occasions appeared undercook, for example the omelettes which were at times runny.

Ann instructed specialist International Personal Injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of her illness at the resort, which they booked through the tour operator Thomas Cook.

Expert Opinion
“It is extremely worrying to hear details of Ann and Lee’s trip and the illness Ann suffered, which led to her collapsing twice and being rushed to hospital.

“We are urgently investigating the problems to try and understand how Ann contracted salmonella and whether basic levels of health and hygiene were adhered to at the resort.

“We work with victims of holiday illness every year and understand the impact which such a negative experience can have upon those affected. If anyone else has recently stayed at the Palm Royale Abu Soma Resort in Egypt and experienced similar conditions, then we would urge you to come forward as you may be able to assist with our investigations.”
Jennifer Mullins, Solicitor

Ann continues to suffer from illness now that she has returned to the UK and only went back to work part-time a fortnight after her return home. 

Lee, 34, who owns a carpet business with Ann, said: “I am still struggling to come to terms with what happened and how disastrous the holiday was.

“I now regret listening to the Thomas Cook Rep who advised me to take my wife directly to the airport rather than to hospital. I believe that this put Ann’s health at great risk and I am ultimately relieved that she still managed to receive the treatment that she needed in time.

“For a five-star hotel it is appalling and upsetting that the standards at the hotel led my wife to become stuck in a foreign hospital scared, shivering and in pain. We can only hope that others don’t have to go through the same ordeal.”  

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