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Six-Year-Old Girl Gains Her Independence Thanks To Bristol Law Firm

Irwin Mitchell Funds Loan Of Tomcat Trike


The mum of a six-year-old girl from Bristol who has cerebral palsy has spoken of her delight at receiving a Tomcat Trike so that she can play outside in the garden for the first time.

The bright pink fun trike now means Mary Jones, from Knowle, in Bristol, can gain confidence in moving around independently for the first time.

Now Mary’s mum Katharine Jones, who says it wouldn’t have been possible to get her the Tomcat trike without some financial support, has expressed her thanks to the South West law firm Irwin Mitchell who have funded the initial cost of the Tomcat as well as its maintenance.

The firm has seen how much Tomcats could improve the lives of youngsters with disabilities, many of whom have been victims of medical negligence, and working with Cerebral Palsy Plus, identified Mary as someone who would really benefit.

Mary suffers from Cerebral Palsy which affects her left arm, both legs and expressive speech. In her own home, she is able to move around but is very unsteady on her feet and easily loses her balance. The Tomcat is a brilliant, fun solution for her so she can re-gain her confidence when she goes outside to play.

Kate Easy, a specialist medical negligence lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Bristol office, explained: “We have seen first-hand how disabled youngsters have benefitted from a Tomcat during their early years and how it has helped them gain independent movement, as well as teaching them from an early age how to use a powered wheelchair.

“Mary has got to grips with the Tomcat really well and we hope she continues to enjoy using it and that it continues to give her some extra confidence with her movement in these important years of development.

“The loan scheme makes the Tomcat accessible to more local families with disabled children. There is no statutory funding for adapted trikes for children under five, so for a child who cannot walk it makes such a huge difference to have a trike which has been specially designed for their needs.”

Mum-of-two Katherine said: “With the Tomcat, she has had her first experience of being able to choose where she goes when she is outside. The first time she tried it you could see the amazement on her face.

“We have seen a change in her already; she is delighted with her bright pink Tomcat and we are delighted that she’s learning how to use it so quickly, which will be essential for her independence. It’s the best present she would have wished for and given her a complete new lease of life.

“Mary would never have been able to get the Tomcat if it weren’t for Irwin Mitchell and Cerebral Palsy Plus and I’m so grateful to them both for giving Mary the opportunity to use it. It’s given her so much more confidence and I think will get so much use and enjoyment will only increase the more she uses it.

“Mary and her brother Issac are now learning to ride their bikes together and it fantastic for us as a family to be able to take them both out on bike rides together now, which is something we never thought we would be able to do.”

Irwin Mitchell has previously donated three Wizzybugs – bright red powered wheelchairs designed specifically for children under 5 - to local children; three-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Sophia McCormack and five-year-old Coby Musgrove and Finn McGowan from the South West who are finally able to play with their siblings.

For more information about Tomcat Trikes or Cerebral Palsy Plus, please visit their websites http://tomcatspecialneeds.co.uk/ and http://www.cerebralpalsyplus.org.uk/

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