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Election 2015: Our Experts Share Their Views On The Campaign

Our Specialists Comment On Election Announcements


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The UK parliamentary General Election takes place on 7th May and the outcome is said to be one of the most difficult to predict in a generation.

In the build-up to polling day and ahead of the all-important results on Friday, here is a summary of views from our experts:

Rob Thompson, Real Estate Partner
“Whoever gets into power must also grasp Business Rates reform. We cannot carry on with this antiquated system much longer and since the main parties are all committed to reform, hopefully a fairer system will come into place later in the year- a good move for UK plc.”

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Alison Hawes, Family and Divorce Partner
"The Conservative/Lib Dem coalition has frequently been compared to a marriage and parallels could be drawn between the coalition agreement and a pre-nuptial agreement.

"For a start, just how binding is it? What if one party changes their mind and votes the opposite way on that vital motion? What is the balance of power in negotiating the agreement?"

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Kirsty Ayre, Employment Partner
“Shortly before Parliament was dissolved in preparation for the general election, a bill which purports to ban exclusivity clauses in some zero-hours contracts received royal assent. The bill provides that any clause in a zero-hours contract which prevents a worker from working from other employers would be unenforceable, unless the worker is being paid more £20 or more an hour. It is now far from clear when or indeed whether the bill will ever come into force.”

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Gillian Coverley, Conveyancing Partner
"While the proposed stamp duty exemption is likely to be popular with the first-time buyers that it affects, this is just one proposal out of many put forward by parties which is designed to address the needs of those looking to take a step onto the property market.”

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Kirsty Ayre, Employment Partner
“One of the key questions with this proposal is ‘will it really make any difference’ and increase current levels of volunteering, particularly with the suggestion that firms would be able to opt out if they feel it could cause issues for them.”

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John Flathers, Real Estate Partner
“I think people are holding back to see what happens to the likes of stamp duty. I think there is just a note of caution, with not as many deals coming in with immediate plans. A lot of clients are looking to do things going forwards, but it has not come on as fast as we thought.”

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