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Steel Erector Calls On Former Colleagues For Help After Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Specialist Industrial Disease Lawyers At Irwin Mitchell Investigating Asbestos Exposure


A steel erector left shell-shocked following a diagnosis of mesothelioma, an incurable form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, has instructed specialist industrial disease lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate how and why he was exposed to the deadly substance.

Mark Piper, 46, from Crediton, Devon believes he may have been exposed to asbestos while working for Michael Thorne Construction Limited, between 1998 and 2011, where his role involved building extensions on a number of old commercial properties.

In his role at the company he would be required to remove asbestos downpipes and guttering. He was required to use a grinder on the material, sending the hazardous substance into the air around him, which he was unable to avoid inhaling.

Mark told his legal team at Irwin Mitchell he was also required to cut into the sides of the existing buildings, which contained asbestos insulation, again causing the dust and fibres to be disturbed and released into the working atmosphere and blown into his face.

He spent time working at a number of sites in Devon, including the St Regis Paper Mill, the Yeo Valley factory in Blagdon, the Greendale Business Park in Exeter and Hawkridge Farm.

Now Mark, his wife Kay and their four children are appealing to his former  colleagues to come forward with any information concerning his exposure to asbestos and what measures, if any, were in place to warn them of the dangers of the substance or protect them from inhaling dust and fibres.

Leanne Leighton, an expert asbestos-related disease lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Bristol office, representing Mark, said:

“Mesothelioma is a very aggressive disease and causes a significant amount of pain and suffering for victims, such as Mark. Understandably, the news has come as a huge shock to Mark and his family, particularly as he is so young, and they are desperate for answers about how he was exposed to asbestos.

“We would like to hear from anyone who worked alongside Mark during his time at Michael Thorne Construction Limited who can provide information about how he came into contact with asbestos.

“We would also like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of safety measures implemented at the firm to prevent workers inhaling the deadly substance. The information could be critical to success in our legal action on behalf of Mark and his family.”

Mark, who is still working in the construction industry, said: “My diagnosis was a complete shock to all of us and we are really struggling to come to terms with what it means for us now and in the future. I am really worried about what the future holds for my wife Kay, and our children, and how we will cope when my symptoms worsen.

“I was never given any training on the correct way to handle asbestos and avoid exposure or provided with any protective equipment to prevent me from being exposed to the substance.

“I know that this disease will limit the amount of time I will spend with my family and I can only hope that my former colleagues at Michael Thorne Construction Limited will come forward with the information my legal team needs to provide the answers I’m looking for about my exposure to asbestos.“

Anyone with information on the working conditions at Michael Thorne Construction Limited, or the protective measures implemented to prevent exposure to asbestos should contact Leanne Leighton on 0117 926 1530 or email Leanne.Leighton@IrwinMitchell.com

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