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‘Secret Daughter’ Of Billionaire Succeeds In Will Dispute

Court Rules Woman Was Not Adequately Provided For


The daughter of an Australian billionaire whose existence has only recently come to light has been awarded a share of more than £12 million of his estate, after successfully challenging the terms of his will.

Olivia Mead, 19, successfully argued that her father Michael Wright, a mining heir who died in 2012, failed to make adequate provision for her in his will, after the court ruled she deserved a larger share of his assets.

Ms Mead was born following an affair which Mr Wright had with a woman in Perth, making her his fourth child. While he had paid childcare costs, school fees and provided pocket money, the courts stated she was “in no sense…spoiled”.

According to the judge, the ruling was made – despite some fanciful claims – as no adequate provision had been provided to ensure that Ms Mead was supported and maintained throughout her life.

Expert Opinion
This case has captured many headlines in Australia because of the figures involved and also some of the most eccentric and outrageous claims made regarding what the claimant needed the financial support for.

"However, the heart of the matter is that the courts chose to find in favour of a party who has successfully challenged that the terms of a will do not adequately provide for them.

"While this is another example of a high-profile case involving vast sums, these kinds of disputes can arise in all walks of life and we see numerous different cases in which people have not been left what they feel entitled to in a loved one’s will.

"Such problems can be incredibly difficult for families to deal with and we would urge anyone with such concerns to not delay in seeking guidance on what they may be able to do to challenge such decisions."
Paula Myers, Partner

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