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MoJ Campaign Urges People To Make A Will

Campaign Also Raises Awareness Of LPAs, Organ Donor Register


The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the importance of planning for the future, including making wills, arranging lasting power of attorney and signing up to the Organ Donor Register.

The "Choice not Chance" campaign includes resources and information about what can happen after a person's death if they have not put these things in place.

For example, without a will, unmarried partners will not automatically inherit money and assets, and spouses take the first £250k before children can inherit anything.

The campaign will be targeted at the 25-50 age group, which the government believes is less inclined to think about these issues.

"These people often have young families dependent on them as well [as] other responsibilities to consider such as mortgages, which would still need to be paid in the event of their death or if they became incapacitated," says the MoJ on the campaign site.

The campaign will run for a month, with key messages spread via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #ChoiceNotChance, #MakeaWill and #MakeanLPA.

Expert Opinion
Making a will is a hugely important issue and has perhaps become even more important when the changing landscape of family life in the 21st century is considered. Failing to put a will in place can have major consequences for your loved ones, as it means that your assets may not necessarily by split in accordance to your wishes.

"This is particularly vital when it comes unmarried couples, as current laws do not recognise cohabiting couples – so partners may not inherit anything if plans are not put in place.

"Preparing for the future can be incredibly difficult to think about but its importance cannot be overstated. We would urge anyone who has not got a will or Lasting Powers of Attorney in place to speak to legal specialists for advice on putting plans in place."
Gillian Coverley, Partner

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