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Major London Roads To Receive 20mph Speed Limit

Lower Speed Limit Trials Are Part Of Radical Plan To Save Lives


Transport for London (TfL) is launching trials for 20mph speed limits on some of London's busiest main roads in an attempt to reduce the number of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists killed or seriously injured.

The move is hoped to reduce the number of deaths and injuries by 40% by 2020. Eight pilot schemes will be run on routes that carry as much as a third of the city's traffic, including areas such as King's Cross and Farringdon Road which are notorious for cycle deaths.

Limits of 20mph are already enforced in residential areas of Camden, Islington and the City of London. If the new 18-month trials are successful, the limits will be made permanent and expanded further.

Drivers risk fines of £100, as well as three points on their licence, if they break the new limit. Digital speed cameras and random patrols by the Met’s 2,300-officer traffic task force will enforce the new rule, and traffic lights will be re-phased to make it harder to speed.

Road safety campaigner and Islington Green councillor Caroline Russell said: "The pilot scheme is a real step forward to reducing road danger.

"Islington already has 20mph limits on all its roads. It makes total sense to include TfL ones. It will make no difference to people’s journey times. The speed you drive between traffic signals has no impact on the number of people who get through the lights."

Expert Opinion
Far too many people are killed or seriously injured on the roads across the UK, with a worryingly high concentration of such incidents occurring in the capital.

"It is vital that all road users, regardless of their mode of transport, embrace the new measures to ensure that safety is the top priority and it will be interesting to see the ultimate results of this initiative to drive down deaths and injuries.

"Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and anything that is aimed at cutting risks has to be welcomed."
Colin Ettinger, Partner

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