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Charity Warns Of Child Mental Health Care Problems

Issues With Quality Of Mental Health Care And Access For Children And Adolescents


The Health Foundation has warned that there is a dearth of data available on the quality of mental health care and services for young people, with the information that is available suggesting huge problems in accessing care amid rising demand.

Although last week's budget allocated £1.25bn in funding for mental health services, the charity has also warned that the amount of improvement required is still vast.

Fewer than 40% of local services have specific provisions for children and adolescents. Some young people are waiting more than a year to access specialist care for mental health problems such as eating disorders.

The Health Foundation's research also found that the data available on NHS care is broadly inconsistent, preventing improvements from being made. There is no nationally available data on the outcomes of care for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) within the NHS, for example.

The approach to measuring performance has also been slammed by the charity, which has branded the change to focusing on narrow targets such as waiting times as "backwards".

Felicity Dormon, senior policy fellow at the Health Foundation, said: "Honest conversations will need to be had about the trade-offs to be made by investing in children's mental health over other services.

"But the human and economic cost of failing to improve the quality of care for children and young people with mental health problems will be enormous for individuals and for society."

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