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Divorcing Couples ‘Must Work Together To Finalise Separations’

Experts React As Costly Divorce Dispute Concludes


Specialist family lawyers have urged couples going through separation to do everything they can to avoid costly court battles, after judges ruled on splitting the assets of a millionaire and his former beauty queen wife.

Mr Justice Holman has ruled that Ekaterina Parfenova Fields should receive £3.3 million from her former husband Richard Fields. The award followed a bitter and costly dispute in relation to their split which saw £1m of their £6m fortune eaten away by legal costs.  

Earlier in the hearing, the judge had described the court battle as “a boxing match” and concluded that it was “tragic” that the case could not be resolved in a more amicable manner.

Following the ruling, specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell said the case was an important reminder of the need for couples to take every possible step to resolve issues and work together to finalise a divorce agreement.

Expert Opinion
"While this is another high profile divorce case involving large sums of money, the conflict between the two parties involved is the aspect which has caught the public's attentions - with Mr Justice Holman going so far as to describe the battle as 'unedifying'.

"Divorce is an incredibly difficult and emotional time for everyone affected, but it is important to remember that going through the process does not necessarily mean costly and draining court battles in relation to splitting assets, property and access to children.

"We would always urge those going through divorce to carefully consider all options before committing to going to court to ensure their needs are met. The key is to consider alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation, collaborative law or arbitration which are less acrimonious, quicker and more cost efficient than going to court.

"Taking a constructive approach along these lines can remove some of the emotional difficulties for those involved and also ultimately mean they avoid the difficulties and expense of a drawn out legal battle."
Alison Fernandes, Partner