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Widow Of Former Leeds Joiner Seeks Justice After His Asbestos-Related Death

Specialist Asbestos Lawyers Begin Investigation Into Asbestos Exposure


Expert workplace illness lawyers at law firm Irwin Mitchell have been instructed to investigate how a Leeds man was exposed to asbestos, which ultimately caused his death from mesothelioma in June 2014.

Terry Ellis, a father-of-five and grandfather-of-17, died at the age of 72 after a three-month battle with mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs, which is caused by exposure to hazardous asbestos dust decades before symptoms begin to appear.

Now his widow Maureen, 60, has instructed specialist asbestos-related disease lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate her husband’s exposure to asbestos while working for building companies George Wimpey and John Atkinson and Sons, a roofing contractor.

Maureen and her legal team are appealing for Terry’s former colleagues will come forward with crucial information relating to the work he carried out, the conditions he faced and the measures in place to prevent his exposure to the hazardous substance.

Terry worked as a joiner for George Wimpey between 1961 and 1966, before moving on to John Atkinson and Sons, where he remained until 1970. Before his death, Terry identified these firms as being where he was exposed to asbestos.

During his employment with George Wimpey, Terry worked frequently with asbestos products. He worked with asbestos boards which had to be cut and shaped and he also cut asbestos soffits. 

In his time with John Atkinson and Sons, he was mainly involved in the construction of suspended ceilings. These ceiling were built using asbestos tiles, which he had to cut to fit and also cut out so that fixtures and fittings could be fed through the suspended ceilings. 

Carrying out these tasks often involved having to work with these tiles above his head, and created an environment where asbestos fibres and dust were dispersed into the air and were regularly inhaled by Terry and his workmates.

Mark Aldridge, a solicitor who specialises in industrial disease cases at Irwin Mitchell and represents Terry’s widow, said: 


Terry first noticed he was becoming breathless in late 2013 and his condition quickly deteriorated in early 2014 to such a level that he required round the clock care.

Maureen, who married Terry in 2004, said: “It was absolutely heart-breaking to watch Terry deteriorate so quickly after his mesothelioma diagnosis. When we married in 2004 we had hoped to have a long and happy life together. We never thought that there was a spectre such as this in his past employment. Terry and I were looking forward and I had no idea that Terry was likely to face future health problems from jobs he had 30-40 years before we wed.

“We were devastated to learn that his cancer was likely to have been caused by Terry simply going to work every day. His children and grandchildren, who were his pride and joy, were similarly shocked when they found out he was terminally ill. 

“We will never replace Terry in our lives and his death has robbed his five children and 17 grandchildren of a loving father and grandfather.”

The family hope that Terry’s former workmates at Taylor Wimpey and John Atkinson and Sons will come forward with the critical information our legal team need to secure justice for Terry and our family.

Anyone who worked with Terry at George Wimpey and John Atkinson and Sons between 1961 and 1970 and has information on working conditions should contact Mark Aldridge at Irwin Mitchell on 0113 394 6757 or email Mark.Aldridge@IrwinMitchell.com.

If you or a loved one has been affected by an asbestos related illness, our solicitors can help you to claim compensation. See our Asbestos Claims page for more information.

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