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Former Wrestlers Launch Concussion Lawsuit Against WWE

Several Sports Have Implemented New Concussion Rules


Two former wrestlers employed by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have launched legal action against the company alleging it ignored concussions suffered by performers and encouraged wrestlers to perform dangerous stunts, which left them with head injuries.

Vito LoGrasso, 50, who performed under the name Big Vito and Skull Von Crush, claims that he now suffers migraines, depression, memory loss and deafness as a result of poor management of head injuries within the company.

Evan Singleton, 22, who wrestled under the name Adam Mercer has claimed he is disabled because of brain trauma he suffered during his WWE career. The complaint filed by the former wrestles states that the WWE “negligently or purposefully failed to diagnose concussions”.

The issue of concussion is sport has become a hot topic in recent months, with similar legal action being taken against the National Football League (NFL) in America over allegations concussions were not correctly identified and treated.

In the UK, new protocols have been implemented in a number of sports, such as rugby and football, in a bid to improve the treatment of head injuries and concussions on the field of play.

New Football Association (FA) rules regarding head injuries in the Premier League now requires players who have suffered head injuries to leave the pitch for an assessment from the club doctor, who makes the decision if the player is able to carry on, not the team management.

Expert Opinion
The allegations made in this lawsuit are yet another example of the way head injuries and concussions in sport were treated in the past.

“However, a number of high-profile incidents and evidence concerning the impact head injuries can have on players if not treated correctly has brought about a number of important changes. The improvements made in the way these injuries are treated is, of course, a positive step, but there is a lot more than needs to be done.

“The protocols put in place to protect players at the highest level of the game are crucial, but it is important these filter down to the grass roots and into other sports. It is crucial everyone is offered the best possible treatment and the appropriate assessments are carried out following a head injury.”
Stephen Nye, Partner

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