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Domestic Violence Orders Now Enforceable Across EU

Protection Measures Regulation Extends Scope Of Orders


An EU law that recently came into force aims to provide cross-border protection for victims of domestic violence.

Introduced on January 11th, the Protection Measures Regulation provides recognition and enforcement of civil protection measures across EU member states.

Any person protected by an order in one country can request a certificate from the court that issued it. The order can then be recognised and enforced in any other EU country, with the sole exception of Denmark.

The person causing the risk must also be notified and made aware that the protection measure is enforceable in all member states.

The law is designed to create a "common area of justice without internal borders", and combined with other EU regulations offers a wider range of protection measures for victims of domestic violence than was previously possible.

Additionally, the Protection Measures Regulation applies to civil protection measures ordered on or after January 11th, regardless of when proceedings have been instituted, with no other special procedures or declarations of enforceability required.

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