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Thousands Of People Are Putting Themselves At Serious Risk By ‘Recklessly’ Rushing Into Cosmetic Procedures

Over A Fifth Of Patients Are Not Aware Of The Risks Of Surgery


The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) has launched a new campaign, Think Over Before You Make Over, urging people to think carefully before going under the knife.

BAPRAS research suggests almost a quarter of all people having cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments in the UK do not check their surgeon's background and credentials and over a fifth are not aware of the risks associated with their chosen procedure.

BAPRAS President and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nigel Mercer, said: "You would check your electrician's credentials. You would check your plumber's credentials. Why on Earth wouldn't you check your surgeon's credentials?

"Deals have an enormous impact on this market. We've seen Groupon deals for cosmetic surgery and it's mind-boggling when you think about that.

"You wouldn't go for cut price brain surgery or cut price gall bladder surgery - you would want the best that you can get.

"Cosmetic surgery is not something to be taken lightly and yet thousands of people are putting themselves at serious risk by rushing in to major procedures recklessly, without consideration for their own safety."

According to the research from BAPRAS, those who rush into surgery usually regret it. 59% of patients who have an op less than two weeks after their first consultation find they are less confident in their appearance afterwards.

They would encourage anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery to ensure a surgeon is properly qualified and has substantial experience, as well as checking that they are on the General Medical Council's Specialist Register for the discipline in which they have trained.

If you have been affected by negligent cosmetic surgery you might be entitled to claim compensation. See our Cosmetic Surgery Compensation page for more information.

Expert Opinion
We welcome the new campaign from BAPRAS as it is so important that anyone considering any surgery or procedure is fully aware of all of the risks involved because they make their final decision.

“It is extremely worrying that over a quarter of people do not check their surgeons background and do their research before undergoing any treatment and it is essential that all patients have access to all the information they need.

“We have been calling for government intervention and greater regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry to protect patient safety for a number of years, after seeing an increasing number of clients contacting us after they have had procedures involving practitioners that are not medically qualified and exposing patients to harm.

“We regularly receive enquiries from individuals that have sustained significant damage, which on occasions is permanent, following fillers and Botox procedures and there seems to be a pattern that they have not been warned of the risks to their health.”
Mandy Luckman, Partner

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