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Legal Action After Thomson Christmas Cruise Ruined By Illness

Specialist Travel Lawyers Instructed To Investigate Cause Of Gastric Illness Suffered By Passengers Onboard Thomson Majesty Cruise Ship


Upset passengers whose Christmas cruise on board the Thomson Majesty ship was ruined by severe gastric illness have instructed specialist travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of their illness. 
Tracey and Frank Owen, 44, from Southampton, booked a one-week festive trip on-board the Thomson Majesty Cruise Ship with their 12-year-old son in December 2014 and were looking forward to a relaxing winter break. 
However, Tracey, 43, and her son Billy began experiencing stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting during the voyage. Tracey was very ill for the rest of the voyage and they are both still suffering from on-going health problems as a result.
The family is among a group of passengers who have instructed specialist international personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the circumstances that led to their illness. 
Passengers have told lawyers that they were concerned about hygiene on board. Complaints included concerns that some of the food  was served ‘lukewarm’, some food was served undercooked, and the swimming pool on-board was reported to be dirty. 
The law firm is also already investigating the claims of passengers who became ill on board the same ship on two previous  voyages - one in 2012 and the other 2013. These claims are still on-going and liability has been denied.   

Expert Opinion
We are deeply concerned about the complaints by passengers who became ill on board the Thomson Majesty. This is not the first time we have been instructed to investigate illness among passengers travelling on this particular cruise ship.

“The symptoms which our clients experienced caused them significant discomfort and upset on what should have been a relaxing Christmas break.

“We are now looking into the cause of our clients illness whilst on-board the ship to establish why they became ill during their holiday and we hope that cruise operator Thomson will work with us in our search for answers.”
Jennifer Downing, Solicitor
Tracey, who works as a shop assistant, said: “Being so far from home, feeling isolated and trapped and receiving such little support from the ship’s staff was really distressing. We knew of other people who seemed to be suffering from the same illness too but when I spoke to the doctor on board they said they couldn’t do anything to help us.
“Billy and I are continuing to suffer  since we got back to the UK. Our entire Christmas was ruined.
“I feel very disappointed that I could not enjoy my holiday or celebrate Christmas properly or as planned. I want to understand more about how we became so unwell, and if anything could have been done to prevent my illness.”

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