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Derbyshire Health Bosses Support Children's Cancer Campaign

Group Wants To Raise Awareness Of Childhood Cancer Issues


Leading healthcare professionals in Derbyshire have joined a campaign to raise awareness of issues surrounding childhood cancer.

Members of the NHS Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group said they are joining with groups around the world to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and the challenges children face throughout their treatment.

Dr Avi Bhatia, chairman of NHS Erewash, said an average of 1,600 children are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every year.

"Dramatic improvements in the treatment and management of childhood cancer over the last four decades mean that many children diagnosed with cancer today have an excellent chance of being cured," he said.

The announcement follows International Childhood Cancer Day, which took place on February 15th.

According to the campaign Childhood Cancer International, approximately 70% of childhood cancers are curable, but many children in the developing world are denied access to the care they need. Only 20% of the world's children currently benefit from advanced medical care.

Expert Opinion
The early diagnosis and provision of appropriate treatment to cancer patients is absolutely critical in improving the chances of survival and recovery. We hope that this campaign will help to improve early diagnosis of the disease among children and contribute to improvements in survival rates.

“Campaigns such as are also vital in raising awareness of the problems some children suffering from cancer can face, as often the support and information they require, which differs from the care adults need, is not readily accessible. Hopefully this campaign will not only improve cancer treatment provided to young people in the UK, but also in developing nations.”
Julianne Moore, Partner

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