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Cycle-Safety Device For Large Vehicles Trialled

The Cycle Safety Shield Alerts LGV Drivers To Cyclists And Pedestrians


A cycle-safety device for large goods vehicles (LGVs) is to be widely installed by Ealing Council following successful trials that showed an improvement in driving standards.

The Cycle Safety Shield will be fitted to all of the council's LGVs, alerting drivers to the presence of cyclists and pedestrians through audio and visual signals.

Trials of the device have previously taken place on London buses, as well as in trials in Ealing in 2013 that showed a 20 per cent improvement in driver behaviour. The shield has been nominated for three London Transport Awards and is to be trialled around the world.

There has been a high proportion of cycling accidents in London already in 2015, with a third cyclist killed earlier this month.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz said: "We are committed to reducing LGV danger because we know they are involved in approximately two thirds of cyclist deaths in London.

"This technology can save lives and prevent more families having to experience the heartbreak of losing their loved ones in road accidents."

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Expert Opinion
It is very welcome to see important steps forward being made in relation to providing greater protection to cyclists. Too many cyclists are killed or seriously injured on the roads every year, leaving families and communities devastated. This is particularly the case in London, where the number of cycling fatalities always tends to be worryingly high.

"This technology could prove vital in efforts to reduce the number of people affected by such problems and ensuring that all road users are able to travel safely – regardless of their mode of transport.

"It is welcome to see a London borough taking a step in the right direction on this issue and we hope that it is only the beginning in terms of efforts to tackle the cycling safety concerns which continue to blight the capital."
Colin Ettinger, Partner

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