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Jack Warner Extradition Calls Highlight ‘Long Arm Of US Criminal Law’

Legal Experts React To Latest Developments In FIFA Scandal


The ‘long arm’ of US criminal law has been put in the spotlight by reports that former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner could face extradition to the country, according to a legal expert in regulatory investigations.

Reuters reports that lawyers for Mr Warner are believed to be considering a judicial review related to claims of political bias by the Trinidad and Tobago government regarding plans to extradite him.

It is thought the move may stall extradition proceedings and the appeals on the matter are expected to come to the Privy Council in London.

Mr Warner is subject to calls for extradition to the US to face charges of bribery and corruption, following the major investigations into FIFA in recent months.

Expert Opinion
“American criminal law has a long arm, as a number of high profile cases in Britain have demonstrated – such as the Gary McKinnon case, the Natwest Three and the LIBOR case.

“It can be particularly stark when a company employee has never even set foot on US soil and his alleged criminal actions derive from a computer or transacting in US dollars.

“Risk of extradition to the US often causes family upset, bail difficulties and the prospect of complicated criminal proceedings, particularly as the penalties of imprisonment in the country can be harsh in comparison to other countries.”

“The principles of fairness as developed by our British common law judicial review apply to such cases and they emanate from the rights set out in our British Magna Carta."
Sarah Wallace, Partner

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