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Packaging Firm Fined For Worker's Arm Injuries

Unguarded Machine Caused Broken Arm


Expert workplace accident lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have called for improved safety measures after a packaging company was handed a fine of £10,000 and ordered to pay £2,328 in costs after an employee's arm was broken in an unsafe mailing machine.

Harry Bracewell, 20, was trying to clean a moving belt on the machine at Ampac Security Products in Melbourn when his hand and arm were pulled between a roller and belt, causing crush injuries and a compound fracture.

Mr Bracewell needed surgery to put metal plates and screws in his arm. As a result of the accident he has flashbacks and needs medication to sleep, and still finds it difficult to lift objects.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive revealed that while Ampac had identified the risk of the belts and rollers, the machine had still not been properly guarded.

Mr Bracewell also had not been told about the proper cleaning procedures for the machine that caused his injury.

"No matter what industry you work in, machinery should always be adequately guarded to prevent injury," said Health and Safety Inspector Sandra Dias.

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Expert Opinion
The manufacturing industry can be extremely dangerous for workers and a wide range of safety measures and regulations are in places to ensure the health and safety of employees remains a top priority. However, in our work we regularly see the very serious consequences for workers if these guidelines are not followed.

“Worker health and safety should always be a top priority for employers, which means conducting risk assessments and taking steps to ensure all safety measures are in place. A failure to do so can lead to severe injuries, such as occurred in this case, or more serious consequences for those involved.

“We hope this successful HSE prosecution will act as a reminder for employers to ensure workers’ safety is always regarded as a top priority and all measures are taken to protect members of staff.
Sally Rissbrook, Partner