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Lawyers Instructed After Salmonella Ruins Wedding Anniversary Leaving Woman In Hospital

Law Firm Now Contacted For Help by 15 Holidaymakers


A woman hospitalised for ten days with salmonella following a family holiday at a luxury Cuban hotel to celebrate her wedding anniversary has instructed specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell for help, making it the third consecutive year that the firm has been contacted by holidaymakers who visited the resort.

Sarah Taylor, 42, from Brandon in Suffolk, was forced to take five weeks off work as she recovered from the illness which emerged towards the end of her family’s stay at Hotel Playa Pesquero in August last year – with doctors in the UK at one point fearing she may have had meningitis.

Suffering from symptoms including stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea, hot and cold flushes and severe headaches at the resort, Sarah was hospitalised at West Suffolk Hospital for tests, treatment and a course of antibiotics shortly after her return to the UK, where it was also confirmed she had contracted salmonella.

Sarah is among 15 holidaymakers who have contacted specialist travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell for help regarding illness at the resort in 2014, with the experts now beginning to investigate the issues as part of efforts to help them access financial support to cover the impact that the illness has had on their lives.

This is not the first time the legal experts have been contacted regarding the resort – as they are continuing to work to secure financial redress for other holidaymakers affected by illness problems, including others who have suffered with salmonella, during stays at the resort in 2012 and 2013.

Expert Opinion
"We are very worried by the reports we have received regarding this case of salmonella and are now working to ensure that Sarah gets the support she needs following the ordeal. We would like to hear from any other holidaymakers who have been affected by the conditions they experienced at this resort.

"This case is a prime example of the significant effects that gastric illness can have, demonstrating how those affected often require urgent medical treatment and a recovery period which goes on to disrupt their lives both personally and professionally.

"Salmonella is a very serious illness that can have a massive impact on the health of those affected and, in some severe cases, can prove to be fatal.

"As a result of this, we are determined to help Sarah to understand how she came to be affected by this illness and to potentially secure her financial support to compensate the loss of earnings she suffered due to needing time off work."
Jatinder Paul, Associate

Sarah, an assistant bank manager, fell ill with just four days remaining of her two-week stay at the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Cuba, which was booked with Thomas Cook, to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary with her husband, two daughters and seven other members of her extended family.

She recalled: “At first I was suffering severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea, but this then developed into headaches, a fever and hot and cold flushes. I could barely function and the last few days of the break were ruined. This was supposed to be a memorable, relaxing holiday for our anniversary, but it has become memorable for all of the wrong reasons.”

On her return to the UK, Sarah was seen by a nurse who referred her to hospital following concerns that she may have meningitis. Following a range of tests, it was confirmed she had salmonella and she was given an anti-viral drip and antibiotics.

Sarah added: “I stayed in hospital for 10 days but the impact on my life went on for much longer than that. I was off work for five weeks, which was hugely frustrating and worrying for both me and my family.

“I only look back on what should have been special holiday and think of it as a disaster. We rarely have big family holidays, so for events to pan out as they did was just devastating. This has had an impact on my life and I want to know how I became so ill.”

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