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West Dunbartonshire Council Approves Asbestos Memorial

Glasgow Artist Jephson Robb Will Create Tribute To Asbestos-Related Disease Victims


West Dunbartonshire Council has approved plans for the creation of a sculpture to remember workers who died as a result of asbestos exposure during their working life.

The structure will be erected at the Titan View site, near Queen’s Quay, as part of the area’s redevelopment plans. The Clydesdale Asbestos Group has commissioned Glasgow-based artist and sculptor Jephson Robb to design the piece, which will include the names of local and international victims of asbestos-related illnesses.

Clydebank is the worst affected area in the UK for mesothelioma, an untreatable form of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs. Clydesdale Asbestos Group said the sculpture will honour those in Clydebank and the rest of the world who have died from asbestos-related diseases.

Hope Robertson, secretary of Clydebank Asbestos Group, said: “My husband died in 2000 aged 59 and it was within just a couple of weeks of diagnosis. I know exactly how relatives and friends of other victims feel about this.

“We hope this memorial will help them and they will have the opportunity to see the names of their loved ones on the sculpture.”

Donations made by asbestos victims, their friends, family members and local businesses will be used to pay for the memorial in the town.

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