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High Profile Of Abuse May Affect Dr Ron Murray Victims In St Helens

Lawyers say victims of Notorious Dr Murray May Be Affected By High Profile of Current Abuse Cases


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397
Lawyers who have represented more than 30 victims of a notorious doctor jailed for sexually abusing women for more than 20 years have expressed their concern that the high profile of abuse cases could take its toll on victims in St Helens.

The specialist abuse team at Irwin Mitchell has secured settlements for more than 30 women who were abused by Dr Ron Murray to help them receive the appropriate counselling and therapy to move on with their lives. 

Dr Murray sexually abused numerous female patients between 1980 and 2000 and was convicted and jailed for six years in September 2004. An external review found that NHS bosses had failed to act on various complaints from patients which could have prevented further abuse.

Rosanna Cox, a specialist abuse lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, who has represented many of Dr Murray’s victims, said: “These are extremely distressing cases and our clients have suffered horrendous abuse for many years.

“The news about Jimmy Savile and other high profile personalities hitting the headlines over the past few years means sexual abuse is a common talking point across the country and we have heard from a number of victims who are seeking support and advice after struggling for many years to come to terms it. 

“High profile cases like this often trigger painful memories for some people but we also hope victims will find the courage to face up to what happened to them and speak out for the first time. It’s important that people know there are people on hand to help them come to terms with their ordeal and to get them the justice they deserve. 

“More people are talking about what happened to them and seeking therapeutic help.  Survivors are feeling empowered and this is an important reminder to us all of how prevalent abuse is and how we must all be vigilant about safeguarding those who are vulnerable.” 

Case Study

One of the victims, who wishes not to named, was a patient of Dr Murray's at his Liverpool Road practice from 1976 until he retired in 2002. 

When she was just 16 and wanted the contraceptive pill Dr Murray would regularly carry out unnecessary internal examinations during the client’s appointments but he told her he was an experienced gynaecologist so she had no reason to question the man who had been her family GP all her life.  

Dr Murray would insist that she needed a full internal examination every time she went back for a repeat prescription of the contraceptive pill as well as regularly examining and touching her breasts. She felt the nature of the examinations was sexual and made her feel very uncomfortable as she was told to strip naked with no sheets or screens for privacy.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist abuse team secured a £7,500 settlement from the NHS North West strategic health authority to enable her to pay privately for treatment for her psychological injuries and help get her life back on track.

The victim, known only as M, said: “I heard rumours about Dr Murray being arrested in around 2002 then saw news report and immediately realised that Dr Murray’s examinations had been inappropriate. It was difficult for me to talk about because I was embarrassed and just felt that I had to try and get on with my life and suffered in silence. He was my family GP from when I was born so I never knew any different.

“It’s affected my life so much. My personal relationships with men have never worked out and I often find it difficult to stand up for myself. It’s even made me wary of going to see other doctors when I’m ill. Getting this out in the open through the legal case has really helped me come to terms with what happened and I just hope that the high profile of abuse encourages others to come forward and seek the help they need.”

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