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Cryptosporidium Concerns Raised After Rise in Swimming Pool Pranks

First Choice Issues Warning To Holidaymakers


Concerns have been raised that a worrying trend at holiday resorts could be putting a large number of holidaymakers at risk of contracting serious illness across the summer.

Reports have brought attention to the apparent trend of ‘logging’ in which British holidaymakers abroad have allegedly been defecating in swimming pools as part of pranks.

According to the Daily Mirror, the extent of the issue at the Egyptian Red Sea Holiday Village led tour operator First Choice to issue letters to holidaymakers urging them to follow proper hygiene standards or face potential financial penalties.

First Choice also called on other holidaymakers to be vigilant of suspicious activity, with concerns being high that the trend may have spread to other hotels and resorts across the summer months.

Expert Opinion
Through our work on behalf of holidaymakers who have suffered serious illnesses at resorts across the globe, we have seen numerous instances when people have suffered severe health issues as a result of cryptosporidium – which is commonly caused by faecal accidents in swimming pools.

“This illness can lead to irritable bowel syndrome and a host of other very serious symptoms which can have a significant impact on the daily lives of victims.

“As a result, the seriousness of this apparent trend cannot be downplayed and it is welcome to see action taken to raise awareness and tackle the issue.

“It is vital that tour operators, resorts and holidaymakers work together to be aware of this issue and ensure that everything possible is done to prevent anyone from developing a potentially serious illness.”
Suki Chhokar, Partner

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