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Couple On Their Annual Holiday Confined To Hotel After Being Struck Down With Illness

International Travel Law Experts Instructed To Investigate Cause Of Illness


A retired couple who returned to their favourite holiday resort in the Canary IsIands for a romantic getaway, only to fall ill with horrific symptoms which left them confined to the hotel, have instructed travel experts Irwin Mitchell to help in their quest for answers.

David Fossey and his wife Lynne, from Bristol, were on a two-week annual holiday in May in Fuerteventura, staying at Thomson’s Riu Oliva Beach Hotel, when they began to feel unwell part way through their trip.

Lynne, 65, fell ill first suffering from severe stomach cramps, fever, diarrhoea and vomiting, with husband David, 71, experiencing similar symptoms just hours later. 

As their condition continued to deteriorate, the Fossey’s requested a visit from the resort doctor who diagnosed them with gastroenteritis and prescribed capsules and rehydration salts as treatment. 
The couple, who are both retired, were hoping they could enjoy a relaxing break in the sun, having been impressed on a previous visit to the same hotel. However, once they fell ill they were unable to do very much as they both felt too unwell.

Mr and Mrs Fossey, who are still continuing to suffer symptoms of loose bowels and lethargy following their trip, have now instructed expert travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate what caused their illness. 

Amandeep Samra, a specialist in the International Personal Injury Team at Irwin Mitchell who specialises in helping people suffering illness both abroad and in the UK, said: “Aside from making holidays extremely unpleasant, gastroenteritis can have a long-term impact on a sufferer’s health.  

“Our clients have described how they had been looking forward to their holiday. They did not expect to fall ill or continue to suffer illness upon return home. These new claims are still being investigated and we hope tour operator Thomson will work with us to ascertain what caused our clients to fall ill. The Tour Operator also continues to investigate these claims and their position on whether liability is admitted or denied is awaited. ”

David, who has been married to Lynne for 47 years, said: “My wife and I wanted a relaxing holiday together in the sun and were looking forward to returning to the Riu Oliva Beach Hotel after visiting the year before and having a wonderful time. 

“But this was ruined when we both began to feel unwell midway through the holiday. We were unable to leave the hotel, enjoy the weather, the facilities or our remaining time away together. 

“I was disappointed with the hotel this time. My wife and I noticed in the restaurant that some of the food was regularly left uncovered and on occasions the food was served lukewarm and I noticed that on occasions freshly produced food was often added to food already out on the buffet. 

“Compared to our last visit the previous year, the hotel looked run down and required decorating. I noticed plaster coming off the wall. It was simply not the same hotel I had holidayed at the previous year.

“When both of us became ill and our symptoms were not improving, we called for the resort doctor who confirmed we had gastroenteritis. 

“My wife and I then both spent much of the following two days in the hotel room because of our illness.

“We would like answers about what caused us to become ill, which is why we instructed lawyers at Irwin Mitchell who are now investigating on our behalf.”

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