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Selby Primary School Closed Following Asbestos Find

Deadly Material Located At Brayton Church of England Primary School


Brayton Church of England Primary School in Selby has been temporarily closed after asbestos was found at the site, according to local reports.

North Yorkshire County Council confirmed to the York Press that the school had been closed after builders reportedly damaged materials believe to contain the deadly material, which can cause conditions including the terminal cancer mesothelioma.

The council said a parents meeting would be help this week to keep people updated on the latest details regarding the issue.

A spokeswoman told the newspaper: “In accordance with asbestos regulations the school has been closed while we carry out analysis to determine the extent of any risk.

“Until this has been complete, the school has been closed purely as a precautionary measure.”

Expert Opinion
It is very worrying once again to hear reports of this issue. It is however welcome on this occasion that local authorities have taken decisive steps in an effort to prevent pupils, teachers and other support staff from being exposed to asbestos.

"While the material is often linked to industrial environments, we are seeing a growing number of cases in which people who have developed asbestos-related illness such as mesothelioma have been exposed to the fibres in buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices.

"Despite an All-Party Parliamentary Group describing the presence of asbestos in schools in England and Wales as a ‘national scandal’ several years ago, we are yet to see any strong action being taken to remove the material from such sites.

"We remain convinced that steps should be taken to address this issue at the highest level, with the ultimate priority being to ensure that everything possible is being done to protect people from asbestos exposure. Whilst ever asbestos remains in our schools, there remains some risk. That can only be achieved through a comprehensive asbestos removal programme."
Ian Bailey, Partner

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