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Research Raises Noise Concerns Regarding Gyms

Study Highlights Potential Impact Of Loud Classes


The level of noise that people are exposed to during visits to the gym could have an adverse impact on their hearing, new research in Australia has warned.

According to the study by National Acoustic Laboratories, part of Australian Hearing, the average noise level of circuit and spin classes at gyms is around 93 and 94 decibels.

In comparison and to highlight the potential harmful impact, the study outlined how a jet engine can generate noise of around 100 decibels and a motorcycle can create around 80 decibels.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, audiologist Janet Thorburn said the combination of equipment noise and music in gyms was a particular concern.

She explained: “If someone is exposed to this four times a week for about an hour that is going to start damaging your hearing.

“When you're young you can afford to have these exposures, but as you get older you're more likely to lose your hearing earlier than others because you had that background damage – damage to those inner hair cells.”

Alison Gregory, a legal specialist at Irwin Mitchell with expertise in helping victims of noise-induced hearing loss to get justice regarding their problems, said: "People are exposed to a high level of noise in so many environments and it is interesting to see this new research put a spotlight on the specific impact on the issues that can arise in gyms and fitness classes.

“Our work means we see numerous cases when people have suffered noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus and other issues through no fault of their own, often as a result of employers failing to provide them with equipment and support to prevent harmful exposure.

“The impact of such issues cannot be underestimated, with such issues impacting on sufferer’s personal and professional lives.

“It is vital that consideration is given to these issues, not just for the sake of customers but also with the health and wellbeing of workers at gyms in mind. Every effort should be made to learn more about this issue and ensure that effort is made to prevent the noise levels in gyms from causing lasting harm.”

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