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NHS Close To Breaking Point, Experts Say

Medical Experts Have Written To The Government Expressing Their Concerns About The NHS


Figures from some of the country's leading medical charities have written a letter to the government, urging it to take action to prevent the NHS from reaching breaking point - something they warn could be just around the corner.

Representatives from organisations including the Royal College of Nursing, the British Medical Association, the Teenage Cancer Trust, the Alzheimer's Society, the Royal College of Midwives and the Faculty of Public Health have written a letter in the Independent, expressing their views on the current state of the UK's health services.

The concerned parties explained that under recent budget-cutting exercises, "savings have been made and despite the best efforts of nurses, doctors and other staff, patients have not been insulated from these cuts".

"Too many staff feel undervalued and demoralised when all they want is to be able to care for patients," they added.

Providing examples of where care standards have been compromised due to this increasing pressure, the letter authors mentioned GP shortages, stretched maternity services and accident and emergency departments that are failing to meet targets.

In many cases, this means patients struggle to access the care they require. In particular, individuals needing treatment for mental health conditions may be suffering further due to this pressure, while those awaiting cancer treatment are being faced with potentially life-threatening lengthy waits.

Continuing, the letter adds: "The list could go on and the anxieties of people working at the front line of the health and care services are well known.

"The NHS and our social care services are at breaking point and things cannot go on like this."

It also points out that the NHS is predicted to be in debts of around £30 billion by 2020, indicating that an increase in funding is desperately needed to prevent further problems from arising in the system.

In conclusion, the letter states that the health service, social services, health and care professionals and the British public "deserve no less" than these concerns being addressed by the government.

Expert Opinion
The warnings of the NHS reaching breaking point from a number of medical professionals are very troubling, as this will undoubtedly put the health and safety of patients at risk. The top priority for the NHS should always be its patients and it is crucial any budgetary decisions are made with this in mind, as standards need to be maintained at a high levels and patients should be able to access the best possible care and treatment available.

“We have seen first-hand the damage budget cuts and overstretched staff can have on patient care, as under these circumstances mistakes are more likely to occur. It is vital a thorough investigation into the claims of medical experts is carried out and areas for improvement identified and corrected as soon as possible, so patients are reassured that they will be given the best possible treatment.”
Julianne Moore, Partner

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