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Glenfield Hospital Apologises To Patient Over Scan Delays

Mrs Bayley’s Scan Was Not Uploaded To The Hospital’s System


Glenfield Hospital in Leicester has apologised to a patient after she experienced significant delays obtaining the results from a scan at the hospital and brought the problems to the attention of John Alder, the chief executive of Leicester’s hospitals.

Julie Bayley underwent an MRI scan at a temporary facility at the hospital in January 2014 and was told she could expect the results in March. 

She told the Leicester Mercury that when she went to her appointment doctors did not have her results.

The hospital then rearranged her results appointment for July. Ahead of her appointment Mrs Bayley contacted the hospital to ensure her results would be available. After failing to speak to anyone she wrote to Mr Alder.

It was at this point she was told the scans had not been uploaded to the hospital’s system and therefore had not been looked at by medical staff.

She told the newspaper: “If I had not written to the hospital I would have turned up for my July appointment and the results would still not have been there.”

Expert Opinion
Patient care should always be a top priority for the NHS and this means ensuring procedures are carried out thoroughly. In our work we have seen the often devastating consequences of the delayed diagnosis of diseases and conditions.

“It is crucial a full investigation is carried out at the Glenfield Hospital to ensure incidents such as this do not take place in the future. Any failing should be identified and corrected and any lessons that can be learned should be communicated with other medical facilities to ensure this process is brought up to standard across the board.

“The fact that Mrs Bayley had to resort to writing to the chief executive of hospitals in Leicester to find the information she required is also worrying. It is vital communication between hospitals and patients is improved in order to supply people with the information they need about their care.”
Sarah Rowland, Partner

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