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Video Captures Van Drivers In 'Irresponsible' Stunt

Van Drivers Pass Drink Between Vehicles At 60mph


Road safety campaigners were horrified to see an online video that captures two vans pulling up alongside one another at nearly 60mph on a busy motorway, before one driver hands a can of drink to the other through the window.

The stunt, which took place on a stretch of the M5 on the evening of September 24th, was filmed by a dashboard camera on the vehicle of a motorist behind the pair of white vans, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The driver said: "I do a lot of driving as part of my job and I see a lot of stupid things on an almost daily basis.

"You almost become immune to the stupidity, but this was particularly dangerous and it could have ended really badly."

Philip Goose, senior community engagement officer at road safety charity Brake, added that the incident put the drivers and other road users in danger of being seriously injured or killed.

"Every day, five people die on our roads and a further 61 are seriously injured," he said. "This kind of irresponsible behaviour on our roads needs to be punished, using the full force of the law."

Police are currently investigating the video and say they will be contacting the owners of the vehicles.

Expert Opinion
Road safety is the responsibility of all people travelling on routes, so it is very worrying to hear reports of this incident – particularly considering the potential consequences that such actions could have led to.

"Through our work, we see numerous cases in which people have suffered serious, life-changing injuries as a result of drivers failing to meet their safety responsibilities and the importance of taking care on the roads should never be underestimated."
Stephen Nye, Partner

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