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Spate Of Crashes Prompts Call For Road Safety Improvement

Resident Speaks Out After Five Crashes On Street In Three Years


A man whose parked car was wrecked when another vehicle came off the road and hit it outside his house has called for the street he lives on to be fitted with measures aimed at improving safety.

Barney Haynes told the Leicester Mercury the crash on Albert Street in Kibworth was the fifth time either his car or his son's vehicle has been hit in the past three years.

A number of other cars on the street, a narrow lane, have been hit as drivers hurtle along it, often taking the bends at high speeds. Mr Haynes said his next-door neighbour has also had his car written off.

Locals are concerned that the road is used as a rat run, linking the A6 in the middle of the village with the B6047.

Mr Haynes remarked: "People coming off the A6 either come down the road which narrows at various points too quickly, or misjudge the size of the gap they've got to get through.

"A number of people come down the road too fast or are not paying attention."

The issue has prompted calls for measures to slow cars down, with Michael Whitcher of Kibworth Harcourt Conservation Society commenting that the incident could have been more serious had any pedestrians been in the way as the car came off the road.

He said "we need some sort of signs" to deal with the need to slow down, noting that on the numerous past occasions he has raised the issue, the police have only suggested using speed cameras.

Mr Whitcher said this would not be enough and there will be a "fatality" unless something is done.

Chair of the society and county councillor for the area Kevin Feltham noted that a 'slow' sign had been installed in the past, but this had vanished when the road was resurfaced and has not been reinstated.

According to Leicestershire Police, there are around 2,500 accidents leading to death or serious injury in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland each year.

Expert Opinion
Thankfully, the collision that have taken place on this road have not resulted in serious injuries or fatalities, but it is important the problems raised by residents are investigated and action is taken, where necessary, to improve road safety in the area. As we approach Road Safety Week it is important drivers understand their responsibility for not only their own safety, but that of others, and take appropriate steps to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision.

“That means reducing their speed in built-up areas and ensuring they remain vigilant while behind the wheel. We have seen on numerous occasions the impact accidents can have on those involved, with many people suffering serious and life-changing injuries, as a result of a lapse of concentration by motorists.”
Colin Ettinger, Partner

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