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Further Concerns Raised Regarding Cognis And Teligen Defibrillators

Boston Scientific Issues New Device Alert


Medical device manufacturer Boston Scientific has issued a new device alert highlighting fresh battery concerns raised regarding a subset of its Cognis CRT-D and Teligen ICD defibrillators.

After issuing a communication in August related to an increased rate of premature battery depletion in a specific subset of the devices, the company has confirmed that a second subset has now been identified as suffering similar compromised LV capacitor performance.

Boston Scientific has advised that, as update software was recently introduced to improve safety architecture effectiveness, any patients with a device which may be affected by this issue should be scheduled for an in-clinic appointment to get an upgrade.

The company added that while it believes around 22,800 devices identified in August remain in service, another addition 27,300 may have faced the same issue.

A list of the advisory devices and their relevant model or serial numbers can be found at the manufacturer’s website.

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Expert Opinion
Our work representing victims of problems with defective medical devices includes acting for patients who have endured issues with defibrillators. As a result, we have seen first-hand the significant impact such issues can have on those affected.

"It is welcome to see Boston Scientific acting to ensure patients are not adversely affected by these battery problems, but again the concern is that devices identified with this issue have made it to market and into use.

"A case of this nature emphasises why it is vital that more is done to protect patients from potentially defective products and the risks which they can pose."
Kevin Timms, Solicitor

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