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Widow Appeals For Information After Philips Worker Died Of Asbestos Cancer

Industrial Illness Experts Instructed In Battle For Justice


The wife of a former Illustrator who drew technical drawings of electrical products for the service manuals of the technology company, Philips, is calling on his ex-colleagues to help provide information about working conditions at a factory decades ago after he died of an asbestos-related disease.

Terry McCarthy, 69, died of mesothelioma, a cancer in the lining of the lungs, in December last year after 10 months of battling symptoms including breathlessness, a severe cough, fluid on his lungs and fatigue.

His devastated wife Linda, who lives in Sutton, Surrey, has now instructed industrial illness experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell to investigate where and how he was exposed to the deadly dust to help secure justice for the family.

Father-of-two Terry was employed by Philips and its associated companies for his entire career, joining the company in November 1962 as a Printing Assistant based at a site in Commerce Way, off Purley Way, in Croydon.

 In 1965 he was transferred to one of the other Philips companies known as Amalgamated Electric Services, at 604 Purley Way, but in a factory which was converted from an aircraft hanger at the old Croydon Airport and known as ‘No 10 Building’.

Before his death, Terry told Linda that his job involved going into the factory to get Philips products and components, such as TVs, radios, toasters and irons and taking them back to his office where he would dismantle them and draw illustrations of them to be used in Philips service manuals. He said the factory was notorious for asbestos being present.

Helen Ashton is a Partner and expert asbestos lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s London office.

Terry’s symptoms started in the summer of 2012 and underwent tests, X-rays and biopsies before being given the shock diagnosis that he was suffering mesothelioma.

Wife Linda, 66, said: “When we were told Terry’s diagnosis we were absolutely devastated and couldn’t believe he was facing an incurable cancer through no fault of his own.

“He had chemotherapy but it made him feel worse and by October last year he rapidly went downhill, it was very difficult to watch and know nothing could be done.

“Terry had retired from Philips in 2003 and we hoped for a long and happy retirement together.

“I am appealing to anyone who worked at Philips within the No 10 Building, or anyone who worked alongside Terry, to get in touch as any information they have, no matter how small, could prove vital in gaining justice for his death.”

Anyone who think they can help is asked to contact Helen Ashton at Irwin Mitchell on 0370 1500 100 or email helen.ashton@irwinmitchell.com

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