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Mickey Rooney’s Widow ‘To Challenge Late Star’s Will’

Reports Suggest Legal Battle Regarding Hollywood Icon’s Estate


The widow of the late Hollywood star Mickey Rooney is launching a legal challenge in relation to the terms of his will, which outlined that his $18,000 (£10,700) estate should be left to his stepson.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the actor’s eighth wife Janice is challenging the document’s validity, including the suggestion she lost the right to any inheritance when the couple separated in June 2012.

Stepson Mark Rooney, who the actor was living with up until passing away, was left the estate in its entirety as a result of the will prepared several weeks prior to his death in April this year.

It is thought that the decision was made due to Mark and his wife’s care for him, as well as that his other children were capable of taking care of themselves from a financial sense.

Mickey Rooney’s career spanned more than 90 years in show business and he was famous for a number of films, as well as work on TV and on Broadway. The actor was also honoured with an honorary award at the Academy Awards in 1983.

Expert Opinion
While this is of course a high-profile example of this issue, such circumstances are very common in all walks of life. We see numerous cases where people are concerned that they have not received an inheritance that they are entitled to following the disclosure of a loved one’s will.

"With family life in the 21st century growing ever more complex, it is likely such issues will continue to increase unless people who are preparing wills take steps to mitigate such issues. One approach may be discussing a will with loved ones at the earliest opportunity, with the aim of explaining the decisions made in order to prevent any future disputes.

"However, for various reasons sometimes such conversations simply do not happen. This can leave people in a difficult position and anyone with concerns regarding the distribution of a loved one’s estate should seek legal advice to discuss their situation, with the ultimate aim of seeing if the terms can be challenged.

"While the media may put a spotlight on celebrity-related issues of this nature, it should be recognised that this issue affects more than just those in the public eye."
Paula Myers, Partner

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