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British TV Cameraman Forced To Have Leg Amputated A Year After Accident In France

Expert Travel Lawyers Secure £50,000 interim Payment Following Accident In Cannes


Expert lawyers representing a man who had to have his lower leg amputated after breaking it and suffering infection when a motorbike mounted a pavement and ploughed into him in France have secured him a substantial upfront payment to assist with his care and rehabilitation package.

Former cameraman, Noel Greaves-Lord, from Worthing, West Sussex was visiting friends in Cannes, to help them produce a short film in October 2010 when he and a friend who were filming on the pavement were knocked down by an out of control motorbike after its rider had fallen off as he negotiated a corner.

Noel was with his friend David Sinclair who was also injured in the accident. David was stood behind Noel on the pavement and landed on top of Noel injuring his knees. He also suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after witnessing the extent of Noel’s injuries. David has been awarded two interim payments so far totalling just under £15,000 to fund physiotherapy and surgery costs.

52-year-old Noel, endured multiple operations to try and fix a severe fracture to his right ankle, but after contracting MRSA that could not be treated, doctors advised the safest option was to have a trans tibial amputation (leg below the knee) to remove the infected bone.

During his career Noel covered a wide range of major national and international sporting events for the BBC, ITV and other international broadcasters and his injuries have now forced him to give up his beloved career.

Noel was faced with being unable to work, needing prosthetics, on-going care and rehabilitation so he instructed international travel law experts at Irwin Mitchell in a battle for justice.  Irwin Mitchell issued Court proceedings in the High Court in London against the French insurers of the motorbike rider and having secured four previous interim payments of over £47,000, for Noel, have now secured a further £50,000 interim payment which will help towards new prosthetics and his rehabilitation needs.

Sandeep Aujla, a specialist travel lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, who specialises in helping people injured in accidents abroad, said: “Noel suffered a serious fracture to his ankle as a result of the bike knocking him over, but unfortunately, despite undergoing multiple operations including having screws inserted to try and mend the fracture, serious infection set in which left doctors with little choice but to advise that he have his lower leg amputated.

“This was obviously a huge operation to undergo both physically and mentally and Noel needs on-going support to help him recover and come to terms with his injuries; we are pleased that we have been able to secure an upfront payment for him which reflects his complex needs as understandably he and his family have been concerned about what the future might hold.

“Now Noel is able to have access to all the treatment he requires to ensure he is supported throughout his on-going recovery and while we finalise his case for trial.

“Noel was previously very active and worked as a television cameraman at major sporting events, but he has not been able to continue in employment since the crash. This has been very frustrating for him and has meant he has been without regular income.

“Because of the seriousness of Noel’s injuries and the complexity of the financial losses and expenses that will continue for him in the future, we are still gathering evidence to determine the full level of damages that Noel is entitled to.  Meanwhile, this interim payment provides much needed financial support for Noel pending the determination of the full value of his claim.”

Noel was rushed to hospital in Cannes by ambulance and had surgery where his fibula was plated and a wire inserted into his ankle to stabilise it. He remained in hospital for six days before being transferred back to the UK to Worthing Hospital where he spent a further 22 days.

After receiving treatment at the hospital to reposition and stabilise his ankle, Noel was told he had contracted MRSA as well as suffering from a further two serious infections in his ankle.

Noel struggled for 13 months with a broken leg and ankle before he had the trans tibial amputation. Following the amputation, Noel was fitted with a prosthetic foot from Dorset Orthopaedics and has had support from physiotherapists and occupational therapists to help deal with his catastrophic injuries which was funded with the interim payments Noel has received.

Father-of-three Noel, said: “The last three years have been devastating and the injuries I sustained in France have had a huge impact on my life.

“I had always been a very active and independent man but I have struggled to come to terms with the impact the injury and subsequent amputation has had on my life.

“I was sitting on a pavement filming and there was nothing I could have done to prevent the accident from happening. I would like thank my legal team at Irwin Mitchell for their tireless efforts in the fight for justice and my family and friends for their support during the intervening years.

“I am relieved that the legal proceedings are now concluding with a trial date in sight and with the help of this latest interim payment I can begin to start rebuilding my life and continue with my recovery and rehabilitation.”

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