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British Motorcyclist Seriously Injured In Head-On Collision Could Face Amputation

Travel Law Experts Re-Open Case In France To Secure Vital Funding For Further Treatment


Lawyers representing a British motorcyclist who suffered horrific injuries after a head-on crash in France have re-opened his case to help him gain access to additional vital funding as his injuries continue to blight his life.

Mark Taylor, from St Helier, in Jersey, is still receiving treatment for the multiple injuries he sustained when he was flung 100 yards along the road and into a ditch in the incident in Brittany nearly nine years ago, as he celebrated his birthday with friends on a day trip to France on his motorbike.

The 55-year-old was told he would never be able to walk properly again, due to his injuries, after he shattered bones in his left leg and fractured his spine and ribs when he was hit by a car. Now, doctors say that it is likely he will need knee replacement surgery and, if that is not successful, the only option remaining would be amputation.

In 2010, Mark’s legal team at Irwin Mitchell secured him a settlement for his pain and suffering as well as to cover his treatment costs and loss of earnings, but now his lawyers have re-opened his case, due to the significant deterioration in his condition and his needing further surgery.

Leane Shanks, a specialist travel lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who is representing Mark, said: "The injuries Mark suffered were very serious indeed and, like many of the people we represent who have suffered an injury abroad, he will continue to suffer from the after-effects of this incident for the rest of his life.

"Under French law – unlike English law, we are able to re-open a case if the medical condition of the client deteriorates further and requires more treatment and rehabilitation. The settlement we secured for Mark in 2010 did not take into account the cost of the recent surgery he has had and the further surgery he still needs, as it was not anticipated at that time by the medical experts that his condition would deteriorate as it has.

"The deterioration in Mark’s injuries has also meant that he has had to take more time off work for surgery and treatment and this has had a very negative impact on his career. There is also a possibility that Mark might have to have his leg amputated, the thought of which is obviously a cause of great concern to Mark."

Mark has endured multiple operations since the accident, 5 of which he has had since 2010. He suffers from daily pain and has been told he will probably need a total knee replacement, as the bones around his kneecap have deteriorated as a result of surgery and previous infections.

There continues to be a high risk of infection, due to the complicated tissue and skin grafting that was required; and, if the knee replacement surgery is not successful, he is faced with the prospect of an above-the-knee amputation.

Mark said: "I am pleased that my legal team are able to re-open my case. The impact of the accident has been catastrophic on my life and it has become increasingly clear over the past few years in particular that I will never recover from the extent of my injuries and that I am still faced with the prospect of more surgery.

"The thought that I may have to have my leg amputated as a result of the accident is devastating, as I will have to face the prospect of adjusting my life and daily routines even further than I have now. I hope that this is just the worst case scenario and that the medical treatment I am receiving will be sufficient to avoid this. Like everybody else, I need to work as I have a mortgage and bills to pay. If I lose my leg, I am concerned as to how I will continue to manage as I am already struggling to cope.

"As I live in Jersey, I have had to fly back and forth to England to have treatment as they do not have the specialist facilities here for my treatment. I work in the financial sector and due to my injuries and treatment I have struggled to keep on top of work and further training I need to pursue.

"The trip to France was supposed to be a good day out with friends to celebrate my 47th birthday but it ended in disaster, which is beginning to feel like a never-ending nightmare.

"I’m in constant pain; my injured knee is constantly collapsing and I’m now starting to have problems with my other knee. I’ll never walk properly again and it has been difficult to come to terms with that."

The accident happened when Mark was riding in convoy with eleven friends along a road and two cars travelling on the opposite carriageway turned across his path. The second car collided head on with Mark as he moved to avoid the first, throwing him into a ditch, but police were unable to trace the driver of the first car responsible for the accident who drove away immediately afterwards.

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