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Brake Research Reveals Drivers’ Worst Motorway Habits

Motorists ‘Own Up To Tailgating And Breaking Speed Limits’


More than half of motorists in the UK have admitted they often take risks on the motorway by tailgating or breaking the speed limit by 10mph or more, according to a new survey.

The research by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line found that 57 per cent have owned up to leaving less than the recommended two-second gap between their car and the vehicle in front, with three in ten doing it either monthly or more.

It was also found that 60 per cent of drivers break the 70mph speed limit by 10mph or more, with three in ten doing so either monthly or more often.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said that the findings were a concern considering the number of motorists who worry about the dangers posed by tailgating.

She said: “There are no two ways about it: ignore the two-second rule or the speed limit on motorways and you're putting yourself and others at risk of a horrific crash.

“Traffic laws are not just for other people: all drivers can help make our motorways safer and prevent needless tragedies by committing to keep your distance and stay under speed limits, including temporary lower limits.”

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