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Government Must Act On Road Safety Says PACTS

More Can Be Done To Reduce Accident Rates In The UK


The government has been urged to do more to improve road safety standards across the UK.

A new report published by the Parliamentary Advisory Council For Transport Safety (PACTS) has shown that one-third of a million people will be killed or seriously injured in vehicle collisions between now and 2030 unless action is taken.

While the latest statistics published by the Department for Transport showed the number of fatal or serious incidents being reported across the country continues to fall, PACTS executive director David Davies thinks there is much more that can be done to protect road users.

As things stand, 1,000 people are likely to be killed in 2030 and a further 11,000 badly injured if current trends persist.

"A third of a million people, the equivalent of the population of Reading, will be killed or seriously injured on British roads before 2030 if current trends are allowed to continue," he commented.

"There are proven, cost-effective and affordable ways to make our roads safer."

Mr Davies added that work should now begin on a new national road safety strategy and the government cannot afford to rest on its laurels.

Authors of the report - Kit Mitchell and Richard Allsop - also called for further action to improve standards up and down the country.

In a statement, they said: "Road safety is a British success story, but there is still much more that can be done at relatively low cost."

The full findings from the PACTS study will be published at the UK Road Safety Summit, which will take place in London on Thursday March 27th.
Government officials, road safety groups, motoring organisations, insurance, health and transport professionals will use the event as a platform to discuss road safety issues and how the UK can reduce the number of accidents being reported each year.

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Expert Opinion
“I look forward to seeing the full findings of the PACTS report following the summit on Thursday, but it is clear that more action must be taken to prevent these injury and death predictions from becoming reality – any successful initiatives in improving road safety must be replicated across the country to prevent the risks for all road users.

“I would really like to see the Government carry forward the very sensible proposals that have been put forward to tighten up around ‘novice’ drivers in their first year or so after passing the L test, given the number of serious accidents attributed to inexperienced drivers.”
Neil Whiteley, Partner

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