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Asbestos Removal Project On Barking Housing Estate

Council Confirms Plans To Tackle Presence Of Deadly Material In Properties


Asbestos is to be removed from more than 25 properties on a Barking housing estate after renovation work on neighbouring properties revealed the presence of the potentially deadly material.

According to the Barking and Dagenham Post, homes on the Thames View Estate are to be affected by a modernisation program which will see the removal of the material from internal walls across the properties.

The local authority has stressed that no fibres were found in the air and tenants have been told they will have to vacate the homes while the work is undertaken.

No timeframe has yet been offered as to when the work on the properties will be completed.

Expert Opinion
From the local reports, it is clear that the community in and around this estate is concerned by these findings. However, it is very welcome to see that the council is taking urgent steps to safely remove the material and mitigate the risks associated with it.

"Through our work we see numerous cases when people have gone on to develop serious conditions including the terminal cancer mesothelioma, simply as a result of coming into contact with asbestos.

"Historically exposure to the material is linked to industrial environments, but the material has been used in the construction of many buildings in the past. In particular, we see many cases related to exposure in hospitals, schools and other public buildings.

"We would urge local authorities to always ensure they are properly managing the presence of asbestos in buildings and, where possible, removing it. The dangers are simply too great for the issue to be ignored."
Rosemary Giles, Partner

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