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London GP Surgery Criticised By CQC

The Dr Ma Hung Yu Surgery In London Must Improve, According To The CQC


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The Dr Ma Hung Yu Surgery has been told it must improve or face sanctions, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has revealed.

In the main inspection categories assessed by the authority, the surgery was told improvement is needed in all, as standards are not currently being met.

One of the primary issues highlighted in the CQC's inspection report into the hospital was that an emergency drug box was not fully stocked - meaning that patients presenting with potentially life-threatening conditions could not be treated.

A number of medications stored in the box were out of date, while some where missing entirely. In addition to this, there was no oxygen cylinder at the clinic, meaning that people with lung diseases were not protected from harm.

The storage of drugs was also found to be a problem. Fridges used to store medicine did not have their sockets taped to the wall, meaning there was an undue risk that the appliance could be unplugged - ruining all of the medication inside.

"During our inspection, we could not find any evidence of medicines stock control audits. When we spoke with the GPs and practice manager, we were advised that there was no documentation of regular stock control audits being carried out at the practice," the CQC inspector added.

But while a number of failings were identified, the surgery's owner - Dr Ma Hung Yu - promised to resolve all of the outstanding issues as soon as possible.

There were also positives to come out of the inspection.

When two patients were asked about their experiences at the surgery, "they spoke positively about how their health needs were regularly assessed by GPs and advice given on how to best manage their conditions", according to the CQC.

The CQC will conduct an unannounced inspection of the facility within the next few months to ensure positive steps have been made to improve care - although the specifics of this visit have not been revealed.

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Expert Opinion
One of the Care Quality Commission’s roles is to ensure that healthcare services are up to the highest standards but sadly in this case an inspection has found that there are areas that could be improved in relation to medicine storage.

“It is a concern that the emergency medicine drug box was not fully stocked and was found to have either out of date or missing medicines. This has the potential to have real impact on patient safety so it is vital that these problems are rectified as soon as possible.”
Mandy Luckman, Partner

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