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Justice For Dad Whose Neck Got Caught In Steel High-Wire At Tree Top Adventure Park

Expert Lawyers Secure Settlement To Help Father Overcome Emotional Trauma


A dad-of-two says he is lucky to be alive after a leap from a 100ft tower at a woodland adventure park went ‘horrifically’ wrong while his wife and young son could only look on helplessly.

Jason Francis, from Alwoodley in Leeds, was visiting the Tree Top Adventure Park in Betws-y-Coed, Wales, in March 2010 when he was garrotted by a neighbouring steel high-wire when he jumped from the Powerfan Plummet ride, causing him to be knocked out whilst still 30 ft from the ground and  to slump unconscious to the floor below.

Remarkably, he suffered only minor physical injuries but the psychological impact of the incident has left him needing therapy to help him come to terms with the ordeal and he contacted expert personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help him gain access to the necessary support.

The 43-year-old is speaking out for the first time after specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell Leeds’ office secured him an undisclosed five-figure settlement from, Ropeworks Developments Ltd and Drop Zone (UK) Ltd who were responsible for the positioning of the high-wires.

Mark Aldridge is an expert lawyer at Irwin Mitchell's Leeds office.

Jason, his partner Helen and two children Murphy 8 and Jenna 5 had been visiting his sister in Conwy Wales and decided to stop off at the Tree Top adventure Park on their way home.

Before leaving the park, Jason decided to conquer his fear of heights by jumping from the Powerfan Plummet ride.

Jason, who works in finance, said: “I was clipped onto a safety cable via a harness and climbed up the side of the tower using rungs hammered into the side, similar to a telephone pole.

“When I stepped off the platform, I accelerated quickly towards the ground before the equipment began to slow my speed as resistance built up.

“Suddenly, my neck caught against the top cable on the children’s high wire adventure area and I lost consciousness.”

Helen and Murphy who were stood near the landing area were terrified as they watched Jason get catapulted from the wire back onto the landing area where he smashed onto the floor.

Once Jason regained consciousness, the family drove back to Leeds but he began suffering from hot flushes and feeling very sick. He went to St James’ Hospital where he was given thorough medical assessments and diagnosed with a broken thumb, a large amount of bruising to his neck and face and a whiplash injury.

Jason added: “Once the severity of what had happened sank in, I became quite upset as I realised that I was in fact lucky to be alive. However, I suffered nightmares and flashbacks about the incident and in January 2012 I was diagnosed with depression.

“I am very relieved that the legal battle is now over and the settlement will allow me to undergo cognitive behavioural therapy to help me get over the emotional trauma.

“However, I should never have had to go through such a horrendous ordeal and I hope that safety improvements have been made by the park – I was very lucky but the next person might not be and action must be taken before it’s too late.”


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