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Hospitals To Receive Financial Bonuses

A New Scheme Will Lead To Hospitals Receiving Funding Based On Performance


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NHS hospitals will receive financial bonuses based on how well they treat their patients under a new scheme.

Simon Stevens, the new NHS chief executive, announced the plans as part of his five-year vision for the health service, which faces a number of issues ranging from an ageing population to a shrinking budget.

According to the Telegraph, Mr Stevens wants the NHS to be more patient focused and will distribute extra funding to hospitals that go above and beyond the call of duty in providing people with high quality service.

Adding to this, a spokesperson for NHS England said the system would be partially based on feedback surveys given to patients, but would also rely on other criteria that have not yet been revealed to the press.

Currently, £2.3 billion per year is allocated to NHS hospitals that perform well, but Mr Stevens wants this to be increased in order to give bosses more of an incentive to improve care.

Mr Stevens also made headlines recently for suggesting a move away from centralised hospitals in bid to improve care for older people, who may currently have to travel hundreds of miles to receive the treatment they need.

This has been welcomed by a number of health campaigners and is Mr Stevens' first departure from his predecessor's policies, which focused on the closure of hospitals in small towns in favour of larger centres of excellence.

However, Mr Stevens did not promise to safeguard all small town units from closure, stating: "Our vital interest - as patients and as staff - is in care and health, not bricks and mortar.

"Yes we do need healing facilities and modern equipment, but the where, and the how, is bound to keep changing. For good reason, some beds and buildings will doubtless continue to close over the coming decade."

Simon Stevens took over from previous incumbent David Nicholson on April 1st 2014.

Expert Opinion
The population has changed remarkably over the past decades with people living longer and more effective treatments becoming available for various illness.

“This all places different stresses on the healthcare sector and it is vital that the NHS adapts to meet the demands of modern society.

“Patient safety should be at the heart of all changes and discussions around how best to deliver healthcare, especially where cuts and closures are concerned. The alternatives should provide an equal or better service for patients to ensure they get the appropriate treatment as quickly as they need.”
Mandy Luckman, Partner

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